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  • Cross the bridge

    An integrated approach to creating the entrepreneurship spirit among the young generation.

  • Partnering success

    Through our network of partners we are able to create high quality and affordable HCD service.

  • Consulting Services

    EQRAA™ has the experience in working and providing consulting services to all sectors.

  • Diagnostics Services

    Our services in surveys and diagnostic studies are aimed at providing valuable insights.


EQRAA™ is a closed shareholding company operates from Tripoli, Libya and is founded to provide a wide – range of specialized human resource and management consultations, diagnostic services and customized training to meet various sectors needs.

Through the years, we have created our own unique best practices approach in tackling human work related issues, we work in partnerships with our clients; and analyze the needs of each client as an independent case by its own; as we don’t believe in One-Size-Fits all approach. We look at an organization work environment, culture, history and existing structure to determine the best approach and strategy and works to ensure that all central business functions are carefully aligned , since we view each functions as an integral part of a whole, and -each one affecting the functioning of the other and ultimately impacting on business results.

Sep Courses:

CCS by CABA, Antalya - Turkey
CCM by CABA, Istanbul, Turkey
CCE by CABA, : 7:30 am - Noon
How to Sell Like a PRO!, Libya

vision & MISSION

Our Vision is to be a beacon of science and researchers destination for progress and development to build a success together, since success accommodate us all.

We aimed at providing opportunities for the discovery of public and private capacities of individuals, institutions and reach out to giving, creativity and excellence according to quality standards.

thank you for being part of us

Eqraa Team