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about us

We at Eqraa are very keen to provide you with human capital development services in many different areas

Our strength is attributed to the distinguished teams working with us who are equipped with considerable knowledge and international experience in the fields of human resource, management and strategy formulation and planning. They are STRATEGICALLY mind-set , possess insight, vision and able to offer real and practical solutions for business problems and  challenges ahead, the teams comprises of professionals offering consultancy HR and Management services within strategic visioning and change. While training is behaviorally-focused and designed to influence positive change on individual’s attitudes, minds and thoughts; improve level of professionalism; and to reduce negative talks, gossips, disputes in the workplace.

our goals

  • 1.

    Psychological Counseling

    social and educational and scientific for individuals and institutions.

  • 2.

    Provide Consulting Serrvices

    Business administration, financial and professional for public and private institutions.

  • 3.

    Provide Training Programs

    In the field of human development (psychological, social and educational), administrative development, financial and professional. which will be framing high-quality manpower

  • 4.

    Facilitate Change

    To enable organizations become more agile and responsive to internal & external business environment

  • 5.

    Harmonize HR procedures and policies

    In order to streamlining business operations that lead to improve productivity, communication, retention of best employees and maintaining high morale and satisfaction, as well as saving time and cost.

our Team


I had the pleasure to be part of EQRAA family, we had a CCS workshop by CABA at Antalya – Turkey, in my opinion the experience was very rich, the quality of training we received was amazing.

Moh'd Abdulrahman


EQRAA is one of the most professional companies I had ever the pleasure to work with, the management team, plus the Human Capital Development philosophy they are following is full of integrity and honesty, they deliver what they promised and more, thank you very much EQRAA for all what you did!

Ali Thiab

Professional Trainer

We at International Association of People & Performance Development “IAPPD” are very carefully when we select our IPO in the different region, we usually double check the quality of training and clients feed back before we get engaged with any IPO, EQRAA for sure is one of the TOP training Co. that we insist to link our name to.

Geoff Cook

IAPPD President

A very good training center, I would highly recommend it to my friends, and the trainer is knowledgeable and ensures to give all details and makes sure that all trainees understand the covered topics.

Ahmed Hassan


the client list

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